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Best Christmas Glazed Ham

Another Winston's Winners Recipe!


Make Christmas extra special with this stunning ginger glazed ham.

A perfect sticky glaze, complimented with ginger, mustard, brown sugar and Christmas spices covers the tender juicy ham.

It’s perfect as a table centre piece, for suppers, snacks and grazing on over the Christmas period.

Incredible flavours which the whole family will love.

So simple to make, It’s a ‘Tradition’ in our house at Christmas.



1 x 4 to 5 kg boneless gammon joint

5 litres dry ginger ale

1 x Jar (340 grams) chunky ginger preserve

3 x Tbs English mustard

100 g of dark brown soft sugar

¾ teaspoon ground cloves

¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon







Glaze – make before or during the ham cooking.

In a medium bowl, add the ginger preserve, mustard, dark brown soft sugar, cloves and cinnamon.

Give it all a good stir to mix thoroughly.






Ham - Place the ham in a large pan over the hob and pour the ginger ale over it, topping up with water if required so the ham is just covered with liquid.

Bring the liquid to the boil, then lower the heat to keep the joint simmering and bubbling gently for 3 hours.




After 2 hours 45 mins of the ham simmering - preheat an oven to 220°C/200°C Fan/gas mark 7/425ºF




After 3 hours of the ham simmering - check the temperature by inserting a meat thermometer – it should read 71C/160F – Lift the ham out of the pan and place in a foil lined roasting tray




Carefully cut away some of the excess skin, however, leave a thin layer of fat.


Score the thin layer of fat in a diamond pattern, then slap on the glaze and place in the hot oven for 20 minutes.





Transfer the glazed ham to a carving board, this is a show stopper for being admired!

Serve warm with anything, particularly warm crusty rolls’

 Tip: Carve as thinly as possible…Hmmmm…delicious


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