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How to choose the right kitchen knife for the right chopping job.

Kitchen knives used incorrectly. There is a lot of ‘confusion and misunderstanding’ of ‘what kitchen knife should be used for different chopping and slicing in the Kitchen’ Let’s face it, you wouldn’t or shouldn’t use a butter knife to open a paint tin and expect great results! Or, you wouldn’t use a pozidriv (yes, the correct spelling is pozidriv!) screwdriver on a flat head screw and expect great results!Remember the old adage ‘A bad workman always blames his tools?’ Well, 60,000 knife accidents a year in the UK kitchens is as a result of either the ‘wrong’ or ‘blunt’ knives...

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How to help reduce 60,000 knife accidents a year in the kitchen!

The kitchen is the heart of most homes in the UK, but it is proven to also be the most dangerous place in the home for accidents. National statistics confirm the kitchen is the most likely location for accidents in the home, far more so than the garden or home gym! Every year, over 100,000 people are injured in a kitchen related accident in the UK. Do you know what the most common accident in a UK kitchen is? A staggering 60% of those 100,000 injured are from cuts from the humble kitchen knife. 60,000 knife accidents a year in...

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HELPING THE EARTH – Why Bamboo chopping boards are the best?

Did you know that Bamboo trees are crucial for the atmosphere as they release 35% more oxygen than any other trees? Astonishingly, Bamboo is proven to absorb more tons of CO2 than other trees, due to its extreme growth rate. The NEW booming market for Bamboo could be a fantastic bonus to our environment! That’s just the start of the huge benefits of using Bamboo in chopping boards.Bamboo is truly AMAZING! Please see the stunning facts below, Fast Growing qualities Bamboo has an unparalleled growth rate in the plant world. Even Guinness World Records are aware, they confirm that the...

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What is the BEST kitchen chopping board type?

Firstly, what makes a great chopping board?   1 - The CORRECT chopping board material   BECAUSE a staggering 60,000 knife accidents happen a year in the UK due to dull or blunt knife blades!   So, WHAT is the biggest culprit of dulling or blunting knife blades? ANSWER – The chopping board MATERIAL type!Glass, granite and marble are terrible surfaces to cut and chop on and will dull your knives very quickly. Plastic, it may shock you how bad plastic cutting boards are for your knives and for kitchen safety. Plastic cutting boards are terrible all around: they rapidly...

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The Best Kitchen Knives & Why?

We have cut, chopped, sliced and diced our way through heaps of meats and vegetables to find the best kitchen knives. A GREAT KNIFE is the foundation on which any great meal is built, but in all probability, if you ask three chefs what makes a great knife, you'll more than likely get at lots of different answers. The truth and reality are that what makes a great kitchen knife for you and me will depend on many factors, including our comfort level with knives, the size of our hands, and what sort of food we like to cook. We...

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Save Money – On GREAT kitchen knives

There is a lot of ‘smoke and mirrors’ in the kitchen CHEF knife SELLING PRICE market!   There is also myths about needing large quantity knife sets!     Here we try and ‘blow that smoke away’ and ‘clean the mirrors!’ Kitchen CHEF knife SELLING PRICES The ‘smoke and mirrors’ sees super cheap CHEF knives being described as ‘wonder knives’ The ‘smoke and mirrors’ continues with mind numbingly super expensive CHEF knives being available… Leaving us all to ask - will the cheap ‘wonder knives’ actually be that good and compete with the ‘super expensive’ alternative? OR Will the ‘super expensive’...

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Is this the BEST kitchen chopping board ever?

  We think so, Because Chop-Master is NEXT-LEVEL chopping at its very best.   It’s a BRAND-NEW UK CREATION & DESIGN – NEW TO THE WORLD MARKET. We all know the ‘everyday’ problems associated with all the normal chopping boards available on the market when we use them,X - Cramped chopping space – for all the food to be choppedX - Tops & tails of food and peelings – all over the worktopX - Tops & tails of food and peelings – spilling onto the floorX - Juices spilling off the edge of the board – onto the worktop and...

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