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Example of FREE Monthly Recipes - Grilled Chimichurri Chicken

  Chef Paco's Grilled Chimichurri Chicken This grilled chimichurri chicken recipe will be one of the most flavoursome chicken dishes you will ever make. It is so tasty, juicy, and absolutely bursting with flavours of Argentina & Uruguay. The chicken breast is marinated with homemade chimichurri sauce, then grilled to perfection, and then finished by being topped with more chimichurri sauce.                                                                                 ...

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Best Christmas Glazed Ham

Another Winston's Winners Recipe!   Make Christmas extra special with this stunning ginger glazed ham. A perfect sticky glaze, complimented with ginger, mustard, brown sugar and Christmas spices covers the tender juicy ham. It’s perfect as a table centre piece, for suppers, snacks and grazing on over the Christmas period. Incredible flavours which the whole family will love. So simple to make, It’s a ‘Tradition’ in our house at Christmas.    INGREDIENTS - STUFF YOU NEED 1 x 4 to 5 kg boneless gammon joint 5 litres dry ginger ale 1 x Jar (340 grams) chunky ginger preserve 3 x...

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Christmas Sausagemeat Stuffing

  Another Winston's Winners Recipe! Christmas Sausagemeat Stuffing A fantastic stuffing recipe which is perfect for Christmas. Simple to make, just roll all the ingredients up into balls and pop it in the oven for 30 minutes.   STEP  INGREDIENTS - STUFF YOU NEED  COOKING - WHAT YOU DO   Stuffing Balls   1 1 x large onion - chopped Preheat the oven to 200C/400F – Mix all the ingredients in a bowl – roll into balls – Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown all over and cooked through. 1 2 x garlic cloves - crushed   1...

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Example of FREE Monthly Recipes - Slow cooked lamb, port & cranberry hotpot

      Another Winston's Winners Recipe! Slow cooked lamb, port & cranberry hotpot The flavours are simply incredible!A classic lamb hotpot slow cooked with ruby port and cranberries.The lamb is sweet and tender and you can grill the potato topping at the end if you like them a bit crispier!All cooked in a slow cooker so freeing up your precious time.       Prep- 35 mins / Cook -  7 to 8 hours                      Easy                              Serves 4  ...

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Example of FREE Monthly Recipes - Jalapeno Popper Baked Potatoes

      Mexico Joe's Super Spuds Baked potatoes have never tasted this good! Twice baked potatoes, fully loaded with a stunning cream cheese and jalapeno filling. Easy to prepare, not to spicy, they are fantastico!         Prep- 15 mins / Cook -  1 hr 20 mins                      Easy                              Serves 4                 .                                     ...

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Example of FREE Monthly Recipes - Chimichurri Salsa Dressing (serve with any grilled meats or as a salad dressing)

        Chef Paco's Chimichurri Authentic chimichurri, famous in Argentina & Uruguay is a fantastic accompaniment to any grilled meat or as a dressing on salads. Easy to prepare, it’s a fantastic salsa!                 Prep- 10 mins                         Easy                              Serves 4                 .                                               ...

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Example of FREE Monthly Recipes - Smiley Sud's Hot Thai Shredded Poached Chicken Salad

      Smiley Sud's Hot Thai Shredded Chicken Salad   An absolutely delicious spicy Thai salad with all natural ingredients.The simple poaching of the chicken makes a huge taste difference. Easy to prepare and cook, it’s a stunner!                 Prep- 25 mins / Cook - 30 mins                          Easy                              Serves 4                 .                             ...

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