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Why Bamboo for chopping boards?



Firstly, what makes a great chopping board?


1 - The CORRECT chopping board material


BECAUSE a staggering 60,000 knife accidents happen a year in the UK due to dull or blunt knife blades!


So, WHAT is the biggest culprit of dulling or blunting knife blades?

ANSWER – The chopping board MATERIAL type!

Glass, granite and marble are terrible surfaces to cut and chop on and will dull your knives very quickly.

Plastic, it may shock you how bad plastic cutting boards are for your knives and for kitchen safety. Plastic cutting boards are terrible all around: they rapidly dull the blades of your knives, you end up with nasty microplastic particles in your food, and importantly, they are also horrendous for the environment.

2 - The BEST chopping board material?

Without doubt the best surface to cut food on is a wood chopping board that’s not too hard nor too soft. Bamboo chopping boards, Cherry and Maple are recognised as the best chopping boards.

3 - The BEST type of wood for chopping board material?

WE believe that BAMBOO is by far the best material for many reasons.

Bamboo won’t absorb water, crack or peel, has unique anti-bacterial properties and wont dull or blunt sharp knives.

BAMBOO - The best and safest, eco-friendly wood chopping board!

Strength Qualities

a. Tensile strength: Bamboo is known to have a higher tensile strength than steel, due to its fibre’s running axially.

b. Fire Resistance: Bamboo’s capability to resist fire is very high, it can withstand temperature up to 4000 C!

c. Elasticity: Bamboo is used extensively in earthquake prone regions due to its elastic features, bendability and flexibility.

d. Weight of bamboo: Due to their low weight they are easily removed making it easy for transportation and construction.

e. Unlike other building materials like cement, bamboo poses no danger to health.

f. Bamboo is HIGHLY cost effective and easy to use.

ECO Qualities

Bamboo is,

 Eco Friendly

 Ecological – its grown with its own root system with fully renewable sources

• Bamboo trees are crucial for the atmosphere as they release 35% more         oxygen than any other trees?

 Harder & Lighter than most woods with a Janka hardness of 1,400.

• Because the regeneration rate for bamboo forests is much quicker than any other woody plant, it’s a far superior sustainable choice of wood.

 Because the regeneration rate for bamboo forests is much quicker than any other woody plant, it’s a far superior sustainable choice of wood.

• Thrives naturally in the wild without any pesticides


4 - The WORST woods to use?

Avoid softwoods, acacia and oak in any form


So, as Bamboo is so ecologically friendly and so strong that it is used in earthquake construction - it’s a ‘no brainer’ that Bamboo is a SUPERIOR material for wood chopping boards.


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