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Is this the BEST kitchen chopping board ever?


We think so,

Because Chop-Master is NEXT-LEVEL chopping at its very best.



We all know the ‘everyday’ problems associated with all the normal chopping boards available on the market when we use them,

X - Cramped chopping space – for all the food to be chopped
X - Tops & tails of food and peelings – all over the worktop
X - Tops & tails of food and peelings – spilling onto the floor
X - Juices spilling off the edge of the board – onto the worktop and floor!

X - Repeated walks to the bin with the waste – probably spilling more food on the floor!

Then the real nasty chopping boards,

X - The ones that harbour nasty bacteria if you’re not careful.
X - Glass, granite and marble are terrible surfaces to cut and chop on and will dull your knives very quickly.

X - Plastic, it may shock you how bad plastic cutting boards are for your knives and for kitchen safety. Plastic cutting boards are terrible all around: they rapidly dull the blades of your knives, you end up with nasty microplastic particles in your food, and importantly, they are also horrendous for the environment.

But as our review reveals, Chop-Master solves all that!!


What makes Chop-Master so good?

It's not just a food chopping board - It's a food chopping system



It’s SO simple – YET – So Effective.

It’s an extremely high-quality chopping board and system.


This is 'Probably the BEST Chopping Board System in the WORLD'

It’s a chopping SYSTEM with a FREE Recipe Club.


What does Chop-Master do?

SIMPLE - It makes life far easier in the kitchen when preparing food.

MORE SPACE – when chopping
LESS MESS – no more tops & tails of food and peelings everywhere
LESS TRIPS TO THE BIN – and spilling food and peelings everywhere
GREEN WASTE STORAGE – and food disposal

ECO-FRIENDLY - construction




CHOP-MASTER - Fast – Clean – Less Mess - ORGANISED - Green – Food Preparation

What do you get?




Receive FREE monthly recipes from our Chefs with NEW takes on food from around the world.


You also help the World!



Did you know that Bamboo trees are crucial for the atmosphere as they release 35% more oxygen than any other trees?

Astonishingly, Bamboo is proven to absorb more tons of CO2 than other trees, due to its extreme growth rate. The NEW booming market for Bamboo could be a fantastic bonus to our environment!

Bamboo is,

• Ecological – its grown with its own root system with fully renewable sources

• Harder & Lighter than most woods with a Janka hardness of 1,400.

• Because the regeneration rate for bamboo forests is much quicker than any other woody plant, it’s a far superior sustainable choice of wood.

• Thrives naturally in the wild without any pesticides

The BEST chopping board material?

Without doubt the best surface to cut food on is a wood chopping board that’s not too hard nor too soft. Bamboo chopping boards, Cherry and Maple are recognised as the best chopping boards.

WE believe BAMBOO is by far the best for many reasons.

Bamboo won’t absorb water, crack or peel, has unique anti-bacterial properties and wont dull or blunt sharp knives.

It’s Price?

A staggeringly low £39.95 for the whole set


Is this the BEST chopping board ever?

YES……………….we think so, especially at its price…

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